My First Time….

Let me be the first to say that college can make you go bald lol.. okay, so I’m probably not the first to say or think that, but Lawd…. have mercy I’m losing hair over here. Recently, I came in contact with a few of my peers and they all just seem happy go lucky that they had all this work to complete?! What the hell?

What planet am I on because I’m losing my brain over here!!!

For the first in my academic career I cried… yes I cried. What I cried over, you ask?

Well, I completed an assignment that took me forever to complete. Yay… (Blow the horn, shout out hip hip hooray, hugs and kisses) yeah all of that, but wait that’s not the reason I cried, a cry that was so dramatic… NO, that’s not why!

So, yes I completed my assignment, once I was done, we all know how the procedure goes… save the file (checkmate, pat’s self on the back). Now time for bed… (shuts the computer off, head up stairs, then a thought comes to mind, goes back down stairs, turns on the computer, search for file)……. No file saved under that name!???? I try it again, same pop-up returns… OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!

Now I am thinking what the hell has happened, is my computer “Punking” me… it has to be…. I search for the file over and over again and to my surprise it really didn’t save… I start to talk to God, “Why is this happening to meeeee…. this is the worse life ever,” yeah very dramatic. I still can’t believe it, so I check it again, same pop-up….. now the tears pop-up, I look at my computer as if it was the last thing on earth that I wanted to see, I have visions of me picking it up and slamming it numerous times on the floor, jumping on it, throwing it into the wall, just about anything to break it, but instead I cry…. let the flow of tears slowly glide down my face and makes its own little puddle of water, while I just sit there stunned, not moving, fractured by this crime committed against me from my, now unloved computer.

Like the saying goes, “it’s a first time for everything.”

S/N: Don’t ever trust your computer, make sure you save, email yourself the files, and check what you saved before walking away from that electronic device!

About Kayesha101

God-fearing, Christian woman, who loves Jesus Christ, my Savior, the Man who allowed me to find myself spiritually; and still discovering new things each day!
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