Senses: He’s All Around You

via Daily Prompt: Calling


When the wind blows, can you hear Him calling?

When the fire is burning, can you see His light?

When the sun is blazing, can you feel His touch?

When the seasons are changing, can you smell His scent?

When the rain showers, can you taste His blessings?

We serve a great God, Who has provided us with eternity and a magnitude of His Love that is indescribable. He has placed a calling on our lives to live according to His Will, so that we can be a part of His great plan of Salvation for all. This calling has been placed in all of His children’s hearts, but unfortunately not every child of His accepts it, they choose to follow the world’s deception and get caught up in the trap of living for self.

This life was not given, so that we can live for self, no, it was given so that Jesus Christ can live within this temple of ours, for the purpose of bringing more harvest into His Kingdom. So, my question to you is, will you answer His call? Because there is a calling on your life.

About Kayesha101

God-fearing, Christian woman, who loves Jesus Christ, my Savior, the Man who allowed me to find myself spiritually; and still discovering new things each day!
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